Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is the Solar Daisy light automatically on at dark and off in the morning?
A: Yes, the Solar Daisy will turn on during nighttime hours and turn off when the sun comes out.

Q: Will the Solar Daisy fit a buddy flag pole?
A: The Solar Daisy is designed to fit flag poles with a maximum spindle thickness of 0.5 inches and a minimum length of 1.5 inches.

Q: Do I need to charge the Solar Daisy before installing onto my flag pole?
A: Yes, it is recommended to charge the Solar Daisy in direct sunlight for at least 24 hours before installing for proper use.

Q: How long does the Solar Daisy last?
A: A fully-changed Solar Daisy will light for approximately 13 hours with up to three nights of power reserve.


Q: Does the Ripple light come with a flag and ornament?
A: No, the packaging for the Ripple only includes the solar flag light. The rest of the accessories can be bought separately or through one of our Flag Repair Kits.

Q: How long does the Ripple last?
A: A fully-charged Ripple has approximately one full night of power reserve.

Q: What flag pole will work best with the Ripple?
A: The Ripple is designed to fit most 15 ft. to 20 ft. flag poles with an ornament spindle of 0.5 inches.

Q: Does weather affect the Ripple?
A: The Ripple can light in windy and rainy weather. However, inclement weather can partially or completely affect the solar panels from charging.


Q: Does the Deluxe have a warranty?
A: Yes, the Deluxe light comes with a 1-year warranty.

Q: Does the Deluxe work with wall-mounted flag poles?
A: The Deluxe is designed specifically for most 15ft. to 20 ft. in-ground flag poles.

Q: Can I use the Deluxe straight out of the box?
A: For best results, it is recommended that you charge the Deluxe in direct sunlight for at least 24 hours prior to initial use.

Q: How many lights are on the Deluxe?
A: The Deluxe features 26 LED lights that are charged by solar power. 


Q: What material makes up the Flag Pole Truck?
A: The Flag Pole Truck has a cast aluminum body with a plastic wheel.

Q: Will the Flag Pole Truck work with any rope?
A: The Flag Pole Truck is designed for rope with a diameter of 5/16".

Q: What flag poles will work with the Flag Pole Truck?
A: For optimal usage, the Flag Pole Truck is designed for flag poles with a 2 inch diameter and 1/2 "-13NC spindle threading.

Q: Do I need to remove my ornament before installing the Flag Pole Truck?
A: Yes, the ornament must be removed first prior to installation. After your Flag Pole Truck is installed, you may replace the ornament.


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