Want to Be an American Patriot at Home

What is an American patriot?

Being an American is an abstract concept. Sure, you can condense it down to being born in this country or becoming a U.S. citizen. However, there are still nuances about what it means to not only be an American, but an American patriot. The idea of patriotism brings out certain images, mostly of those within the armed forces and fighting overseas. Yet, what if you’re not in active duty? What
How to Honor the Fallen With Your Flag

How to Honor the Fallen With Your Flag

One of the best ways to show your support for the fallen is to raise your American flag. Raising your flag can give those who passed away proper respect, but making the most of this occasion requires dedication to your flag and how you treat it.
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What Does the 4th of July Stand For?

There are key moments in time where one can say “I’m proud to be an American.” Through victories in World War I and II, the moon landing, and winning gold at the Olympics, the annals of history have numerous examples that define the exemplary character of the United States. Yet if you were to take a step back and think about the most impactful moment in this country’s legacy, it