What our customers say

This flagpole light is the BRIGHTEST light I've seen so far!!!!! The light covers the flag beautifully!! The color is a bright intense white that cuts through the darkness. I highly recommend this flagpole light. 100%
~Terrence G.

I ordered this for my dad; he hung it up on the flag pole and he loved it. My uncle went over to my house and noticed how nicely lit the flag was, and he ended up wanting this flagpole light. I ended up ordering another one for him. Anybody who is looking for a flagpole light, order this one.

Worked right out of the box and was super easy to install. Not really bright enough for my taste, but I guess it makes it bright enough to be able to see Old Glory at night, at least half of her if it's windy. Will probably supplement with a spotlight from below.

Pictures show how much of the flag actually gets light on it. When the flag is just hanging, it gets more since the lights shine down. When the flag is blown out by the wind, only about half of it is illuminated. Did not come on until it was almost completely dark.

UPDATE: After having this for a while, I upgraded to a 4 star rating. Our neighbor, while leaving for work early in the morning, said he saw it and it really looked good. So, I guess it is bright enough to be seen and illuminate the flag enough. Also we had a huge rain storm with a bit of hail and the light was not effected in any way because of it. The light is still coming on and even after a cloudy day, it still shines all night. Therefore, even though I wish they would angle some of the lights outward more to shine on the flag when it is in the flying position, I will change my rating from 3 to 4 due to the fact that it withstood the rain/hail and shines all night.

This light makes me able to fly my flag 24/7. The light stays lit all night! Very pretty! Easy installation....Really love it! We use it on our RV and we have had people come by and say how nice it is to see it at night.
~Bobby McGee